The basis of every successful development is an accurate and thorough analysis of the proposed project and the current market conditions. M.E. Shay & Co. has prepared hundreds of studies since 1984 and is available nationwide.

Market Studies

Each market study meets the requirements of major funding sources, including the Tax Credit Allocation Committee, and includes:

  • A description and analysis of the proposed project
  • Demographic analysis of the project which projects demand based on appropriate demographics
  • Competitive analysis which analyzes present and proposed competition for the project, including a rent differential analysis
  • Absorption analysis, based on these data, which estimates the amount of time it will take to fully lease or sell a project

Feasabilty Studies

Takes the Market Study one step further by comparing the projected performance of a property to resources required.  The feasibility study also identifies the financing gap and makes recommendations for filling that gap.

Selected Assignments

Mixed-Use Residential/Commercial Development - City of Reno, Community Services Agency of Nevada

Housing Needs Analysis - Housing Element - EIR - USDA Market Study, City of Avalon

Market Studies for Tax Credit and Bond Allocation Projects - Partial client list:

  • USA Properties Fund, Inc.
  • Midland Mortgage Investment Corporation
  • Capital Vision Equities, Inc.
  • Avalon Communities
  • American Communities Development Company
  • Cascade Housing Association

Feasibility Study - Acquisition and Rehab of Vacant Hotel Properties, City of Orlando.